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What does my son need to do?

Submitted: 11/1/2014
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Question: If we serve a speaking God, how come sometimes pators don't answer you? Jesus spoke and taught, he is a God of light and not darkness. Sometimes I bring up my sons situation, which I don't understand and I take it neither do most saints. I really haven't heard or gotten a response about him. I guess their checking the root (me). No, I'm not diseased or sick. Sick of dealing with my son. I decided to join a support group. If Jesus healed the sick, the lunatic, the tormented, and those with palsy; I know he still heals today. Could it be my son has to repent for something? I have over and over and over and over.

Answer: Since we are not there and do not know your son, it is impossible for us to say what needs to happen in his life. It sounds like he may be what we would call a 'tough case.' But just as you say, we know that Jesus can save anyone. Of course, to be saved a person must be willing to repent. We suggest you keep seeking the Lord Jesus for an answer and don't try to make Him fit into your time table.