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Is this the discerning of spirits?

Submitted: 9/9/2014
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Question: I was friends with woman who caused me heaps trouble, she was very controlling and abusive to me. (I eventually cut her out of my life). One day while she was visiting, I SAW a black panther sitting in the same spot that she occupied! This panther was visible to me and no one else (there was another friend visiting also). What does this mean? Did God reveal this to me? If so, what was He trying to tell me? There were several other times(not many), that this has happened. There 3 other situations where I SAW spirits(like a silhouette), occupying the same spot as the person. All three of them had caused our church a lot of confusion and were blocking that Spirit's flow; it bound up the service! It turned out, one of them was a convicted pedophille. Another was that of a wolf. I have not been able to grasp what this means. Or what to do about it.

Answer: God does communicate with His Spirit-filled people through dreams and visions (Acts 2:17). It sounds as though he was warning you about the inner nature of this person. Panthers are preditors that hunt at night, in the darkness. You were probably right to cut her out of your life.