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Was this the gift of discernment?

Submitted: 7/22/2014
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Question: When my children and I were younger, I had accidentally broken my daughters wrist, not aware that it was in the door I was slamming shut (over and over because it wouldn't close). She never yelled. I was guilty of being angry that she and her brother were in and out and yelling and running while I kept telling them to stop. A social worker was sent to my house. She wore a long skirt and toward the end of the interview, (it must have been the Holy Spirit that told me) I asked her if she was related to sister so & so. She kept denying it, so I said, So you're telling me you're not related to sister so and so. And she said, yes. It was as though they were plotting to keep up a scheme of verifying information not via the Spirit of God, but of gossip. Once again, I was at work and on my way out I noticed a lady with a long skirt (maybe it was the Holy Ghost again) who visits our office sometimes but never speaks. I knew she was of the same church, and yet I never knew her or had seen her face. I asked her who she worked for and what church she goes to. She goes to the church I am trying to attend faithfully. I don't know why she never said anything. Am I correct in saying that was the Holy Ghost gift of discernment? I know everyone has it (who has the Holy Ghost). But does God sometimes tell you things? Is that how the Apostolic Church verifies things by detective work? Or do they let God do the sifting? I'm not saying that was what this saint was doing, but...

Answer: I think you are over-spiritualizing this. It sounds to me as though you noticed the skirts and that's what tipped you off to the fact that these ladies may be connected to the local apostolic church. By the way, every Spirit-filled believer does not have the gift of discernment. In fact, the Bible speaks of the gift of discerning of spirits, not discernment. And it says that God distributes the gifts as He wills. Please read 1 Corinthians 12.