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What about Adventists?

Submitted: 7/18/2014
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Question: I go to an apostolic church and I have friends who are Adventist, believing to keep the sabbath day holy. One friend said that all the apostles were adventist. Is that true? Also he said that the sabbath day doctrine was first rooted in heaven. Can you give biblical proof of this? God bless you

Answer: The Sabbath was established in the beginning and included in the law of Moses. It was fulfulled in Jesus Christ and is no longer morally binding on Christians. Some of the original Christians kept the Sabbath because it took a while before they understood that it had been fulfilled in Jesus. Today we honor and serve God seven days a week, not just one. To a believer, every day is the Sabbath Day. Jesus is the Lord of the Sabbath, and He doesn't take days off. For more on this topic, please read our article called 'The Real Meaning of the Sabbath' on Shelf 5 of the Apostolic Free Library on this website.