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What about the underground church in China?

Submitted: 7/6/2014
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Question: Dear Brothers, I have studied the subject of 'missions' for many years and have been impressed with information about the underground church in 'red' China....and more specifically about how most of them are oneness congregations. Also, they do, of course meet in homes! Also, had you heard that the one doctrine that the Chinese government does not want any churches to teach is the one about the Second Coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Why? Likely because it gives the people hope in Jesus instead of them putting all their hope in the government and communism. The official, recognized church pastors cooperate with the exclusion of this most necessary doctrine. Doesn't this seem to substanciate what you are teaching, somewhat? What is your opinion of this amazing report? With Great Respect in Jesus Great Name, Your Sister Joan Taylor

Answer: We believe that when the state outlaws Christianity, it only causes Christianity to thrive. The greatest threat to the church is not government antipathy but government involvement. It took blood to innitiate the gospel, and it takes blood to push it forward. We commend the countless believers in China who faithfully meet in homes regardless of their godless government's displeasure.