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Who decided women can't wear pants?

Submitted: 6/14/2014
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Question: I want to know why some so-called more spiritually minded man more than others decided from the Scriptures it was wrong for women to wear pants. Men and women alike did not wear pants in biblical days, they wore tunics and robes. Just a differentiation between men's and women's styles, material, and colors.

Answer: There is no one individual who decided from the Scriptures that Christian women should not wear pants. Over the centuries, many have taught this doctrine. In biblical days there was clothing which was clearly distinguished as men's apparel, and there was clothing that was clearly distinguished as women's apparel. Today, many women wear pants, but this is a relatively recent development brought on by the feminist movement. A hundred years ago virtually no women in American wore pants. Today there is practically no clothing that clearly distinguishes men as men and women as women. Those of us who continue to believe that women should wear modest skirts and dresses are not the ones who have changed. We are merely holding on to the traditional values.