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How do I know who is fit to lead?

Submitted: 2/2/2014
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Question: At my church we have a youth leader that has repeatedly caused issues with students, parents, and other leaders. She seems at times to be into her position as a leader but then other times completely neglectent. She says she feels God has called her to be a youth leader, and so I want her to have the chance to succeed, but when do say enough is enough.

Answer: Since we are not there to observe the situation up close, it is impossible to give a concrete asnwer to your question. In general, a person who is contentious and uncooperative has no business serving in a leadership role. Also, every leader should be accountable to someone and should be willing to graciously step down if asked. It could be that this person needs additional leadership training and spiritual development. Perhaps she feels the burden for young people but is not yet ready to be a leader. Maybe she could help out in some other way. Lastly, we think it is problematic to have one leader over a ministry. We suggest she be made a part of a leadership team that ministers to the young people.