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Is this adultery of the heart?

Submitted: 8/2/2013
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Question: My husband and I have been separated for over three years. We filed for bankrupcy two years ago. While doing this I found out that he was paying bills, getting food, and buying diapers and had this other woman on our cell phone plan. He was taking her and her baby to dinner and to doctor appointments. I then found out that he didn't pay our property taxes in the year before we seperated. Is this adultery of the heart on his part? This woman is a friend of his, not family. She met him on line.

Answer: From what you have described, it sounds as though it could be more than aultery of the heart. It could be the real thing. Our question to you is, have you confronted him about this suspicious activity and what is his explanation? We suggest you get both legal and spiritual counsel on what your options are going forward.