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Is Luke 4:18 for today?

Submitted: 7/22/2013
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Question: 'The capitives aren't delivered yet the bruised have yet to heal.' Is Luke 4:18 referring to the word of God or is the gift given to the saints to deliver to the capitve and the bruised? Is this for the end times? Someone told me God doesn't work because there have been no miracles in 'MY' life. My only answer I guess is, 'His grace is sufficient.' My son is starting fires in our apartment now. He continues to break things and fall apart. Why is he yet mentally captive and emotionally bruised. Are we all dealt a life and that is what it is? I know of other saints who take meds for mental illness. Isn't God enough? Why doesn't my son heal?

Answer: We know of many people whose hearts have been healed by the power of Jesus Christ. The main reasons some believers are not healed are:

1. They do not believe truth (perhaps because they have never been taught truth).

2. They are not willing to turn from their sins and submit themselves to God.

3. They are not willing to commit themselves to serving God in whatever way He chooses.

Whenever a person commits his life fully to Jesus Christ, He begins to move in his life. The problem is never with Jesus; it is always with us.