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Questions about Eve, husbands, and wives?

Submitted: 6/24/2013
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Question: In your 2010 post about how old was Eve when she gave birth to Seth. Adam was 130 years old. You said that Eve would be slightly younger than Adam, however, they both were created on the same day. Although, she was created after Adam and as taken out of Adam wouldn't that make her the same age as him? Like with twins, one is older because they came out first but the same age with the same birthday. The Bible also said that women should submit to their husbands, but that doesn't mean that if her husband is going against the Word of God that she suppose to submit to whatever he saids, would that be correct? If a man tells his wife to not do something that is against her own beliefs and rights, then why would God have her go against that? That isn't how God works. Men are made to be leaders not the gods of his household. Also, the husband must also submit to his wife, meaning that because she was taken out of him and they become one flesh in marriage that both of them are EQUAL. Why do many men go against the Word of God believing that because they are made the head of the house and the leaders that they are made to be the gods meaning that whatever they say or ask the wife suppose to just do even if it is against the Word of God and her beliefs. Examples, would be, if a husband tells his wife to stop attending church and stop tithing, why is she suppose to stop fellowshipping with others and stop worshiping God and stop tithing when are suppose to? Why would God allow the man He appointed to be the head of the household to replace Him and to have the wife stop her worship with Him all because the husband said so? That isn't who God is. Lastly, when it comes to marriage, many recite 'for better or for worst' but does that mean that they suppose to stay married if their is abuse, whether it is between the couple or a spouse abusing the children? Does 'long-suffering' apart of that marriage? Does God want people to stay in a marriage where there is harm to others, although He is against divorce?

Answer: Even if Eve started life on the same day as Adam, that would still make her slightly younger than Adam. When I used the term 'slightly younger,' that's what I meant: slightly younger as opposed to be significantly younger. Having said that, I don't think we can say for certain that Eve began life on the same day as Adam. It is possible but not certain.

As for your question about men who abuse their privileges as the head of their wives, you are absolutely correct. No man has the authority under God to command his wife to do something that would be against the will of God. Headship is not equal to godhood. Jesus Christ is the ultimate head over His people. When a man fails to lead his wife in a godly way, he destroys his own authority and forces his wife into having to go agaisnt him in order to stay faithful to God. This is a great failure on the part of a man, but sadly it happens all the time.

Concerning your third question, there is a big difference between separation and divorce. An abusive spouse may be a reason for separation, but it is not a biblical ground for divorce. Part of the problem is that wives are often unwilling to call in the police. If they were attacked by a man on the street, they would call the police. But when their own husband does the very same thing, they let him off the hook. This only perpetuates the problem. If more women would take strong affirmative action the very first time an abusive incident takes place, many men would learn from the start that this kind of behavior will not be tolerated.