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Should this marriage end?

Submitted: 5/7/2013
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Question: Is it right and/or biblical to go away from this marriage? This question was posed by someone and I need an urgent biblical answer. This woman married a man that had been married without children, both African. They had four children, Anglicans, and later separated because of some quarrel. In the time of separation the lady traveled abroad and became a servant of the Lord. The other woman had left the matrimonial home just after the first child was born which is about 30 years ago. Considering the children which are all in their around thirties and the lady in her early fifties, what do you advise? Nnumber 2 question. Another lady had children with first husband, quarrelled with him, became born again, got married, because didn't want to defile the temple of God, but did not know or understand about restitution then. She has kids with this new husband. What will she do? Forget about referring us to our local church if you need any question ask we will respond.

Answer: Frankly, we cannot make sense of either question. We also would like to know why we cannot refer you to your local assembly for guidance. Are you not part of a local assembly? In the first question you mentioned two women and some children but we cannot tell what the relationships are. In the second you mention restitution, but we are unclear what you are referring to. Please post the clarifying information so we can give you a reliable answer.