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Is Jesus the one God?

Submitted: 4/1/2013
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Question: 1John1:1-5 + John1:1 talk about the Word of life that was in the beginning. The gospel account of John chapter 1 introduces us with God our Savior in a unique way. 'In the beginning was the Word(of life);the Word(of life) was with God and the Word(of life) was God.(1:1) This verse directly tells us about the word of life that was in the beginning mean while revealing to us there is only one God in the beginning. What happened to the word of life that was with God? Verse 14 tells us that the '...the word of life became flesh'. This same word of life that became flesh was seen,heard and was witnessed by all the apostles(1John1:1-5). Thus, does not it mean that Jesus is the One God who is manifest in His own flesh (Christ)?

Answer: Yes, there is no other God than Jesus Christ, the Creator who has entered His own creation as a man and suffered in behalf of those He created.