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How do I find confidence in Christ?

Submitted: 3/19/2013
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Question: 'I know his love and I trust his love.' I heard when I am in crisis, if I know God's love and I trust his love, then I am confident in life crisis. Maybe that's part of the issue. I had a co-worker come into the office today and he said, 'He doesn't understand how a someone who wears skirts in the winter cannot be cold.' I felt like I was confronted (in crisis). How do I get to a point where I am confident in Christ? How horrible to live life as a saint and not even know how to conquer/overcome and not feel tormented or want to fight?

Answer: There is no magic formula. Confidence in Jesus Christ is the result of knowing Him intimately. This requires spending much time with Him in prayer; reading and learning His Word; and participating in your local assembly. And if someone says that you must be cold in the winter because you're wearing a skirt, the simple answer is, 'Yes, I do get cold sometimes.'