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Christians eating pork?

Submitted: 2/4/2013
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Question: No question just a comment regarding the eating of pork & the Sabbath as mentioned in the article. In Colossians Paul wasn't telling the believers they could eat pork and no longer keep the Sabbath. On the contrary he said what he said because they were keeping the Sabbath and eating 'kosher' if you will and his encouragement to them came because OTHERS (non-believers) were telling them they didn't have to do that and Paul was telling the believers that the Sabbath etc...still stood and to not let them be judged for KEEPING the laws of God that are forever. Even Jesus said not 'one jot or tittle' of the law is done away with. Just as heaven and earth remain so do His laws which include keeping the 7th day Sabbath and not eating pork, shrimp, catfish etc.....to do any other breaks His laws and causes you to sin. Period. Much of Paul's letters have been misinterpreted and therefore misapplied in the life of a believer. Take note that even Peter said 'lawless' men would do such things. GC - don't be part of these lawless ones who walk the wide road. Doing this leads others astray.

Answer: You have it exactly backwards. Paul was telling the people that they were no longer bound by these laws in a ceremonial sense, because they had been fulfilled in Jesus Christ. I'm sure your beliefs are sincerely held, but you are wrong, and your teaching could cause many people to become separated from the grace of God that brings salvation.