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Follow up comment on hair.

Submitted: 1/12/2013
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Question: So, 'long' is not any particular length. You know this causes a lot of saints to be judgemental. If your hair is long and not THEIR length, they DO judge you. Just as with the skirts. If your skirt isn't down to your ankle like a pilgrim, then they have an issue. They have a tendency to put their convitions and relgious dress on other saints who just go to the knee. You don't beleive it, then its because your limited to your own experience. Holiness is not a dress code. God has to change us. Only HE can. Maybe that's why so many will be called, so few will be chosen. Saints have a tendency to be human (prejudiced/biased) God bless.

Answer: It is not the doctrine of uncut hair that causes some believers to be judgmental of others; it is the hardness of their own hearts. We agree that holiness is not a dress code. Holiness begins with receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit; it them must be pursued and perfected over time. This is not to justify compromise; only to say that we are all in a growth process (unless we be reprobate). Paul warned that to judge another believer is to make ourselves the judge of another man's servants (Romans 14:4).