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There's no other way?

Submitted: 12/22/2012
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Question: First, let me preface my question by stating that I have been filled with the Holy Ghost as the Spirit gave me utterance. I would ask, what do you mean that there is no other way that we can know if someone has recieved the Holy Ghost? Does not the bible teach that the main way to know a disciple is by the fruit he should bear and his love toward his fellow man? I understand and can appreciate the focus on the 'initial sign' of speaking in tongues, which gives proof of the baptism of the Holy Spirit and is the only INITIAL sign given in the bible of this event, but my question is why say one who has not spoken in tongues DEFINATLY has not been indewelt with the Holy Ghost if the other signs are, in fact, there (i.e the fruit and the love)?

Answer: People can show good character completely apart from the Spirit of God. Just because a person is loving or kind does not mean he has received the gift of the Holy Spirit. By that standard I could find atheists who could claim to be Spirit-filled. The fruit certainly ought to follow the initial sign, and if it doesn't there is clearly a problem. But be careful that you don't confuse good character with the work of the Spirit.