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Does the pledge create divided loyalies?

Submitted: 11/23/2012
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Question: Thank you for your answer. It is a blessing to live in the USA having the freedom to worship and live as Scripture sets forth. My husband served in Vietnam 'walking point' before troops to find and disarm booby traps, so he and I do count it a blessing to live in this country. However, I cannot think of any allegiance we have pledged other than our marriage vows publicly which does not seem at all the same as allegiance to flag and republic or ecumenical religion. I am concerned that to do so might be dividing allegiance that belongs only to Jesus Christ. Even though this is not in question form, if you would care to address my concern it would be greatly appreciated.

Answer: We don't see a conflict between pledging allegiance to the flag of the US and to Jesus, as long as the commitment to Jesus takes priority. Isn't this how it is in marriage? I'm have pledged my allegiance to my wife, but if I have to choose between her and the Lord, I'll choose the Lord every time. Our allegiances can often come into conflict with each other, which is why we have to decide which takes priority. God, of course, must always come before country.