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How should I ask her out?

Submitted: 11/1/2012
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Question: I'm a 35 year old apostolic man. I'm interested in an apostolic woman. She and pretty much the whole church can tell I like her. I just don't know how to ask her out. I'm recently divorced from a 15 year marriage that ended about 5 years ago. Been a while since I asked a woman out, but I really like her. And really wanna be with her.

Answer: The first thing we would say to you is that you would be wise to wait at least one full year after your divorce before you even consider getting into another relationship. The second thing is that you should consult with your spiriual leaders as to whether or not you are even eligible to get remarried. Keep in mind that Jesus said, 'And I say to you, whoever divorces his wife, except for sexual immorality, and marries another, commits adultery' (Matthew 19:9).

Finally, we are opposed to the world practice of dating. Instead we believe couples should court, which means involving the parents and being supervised, even for people in their 30s. Please read our article 'Facing the Problems of Dating.' You can find it on the Apostolic Free Library, Shelf 7, on this website.