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What is your position on restoration?

Submitted: 10/15/2012
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Question: What is your position concerning a former pastor falling into sin, concerning restoration, and to what degree?

Answer: We assume you are referring to a pastor who has fallen into the sin of adultery or fornication. We believe that a man can be restored and can once again serve in a pastoral role, but that the restoration process must be handled at the local church level by the governing elders. We also believe that the process must be lengthy and severe, and that very few men will ever actually be restored once they have fallen that far. We realize that even if a local eldership restores a man, this man may never be able to obtain a ministerial license from an organization such as the United Pentecostal Church, and we have no issue with that. We believe organizations such as the UPC must maintain very high standards of morality and can only judge by evidence whether a man has sinned, but cannot judge very accurately whether he has truly been restored.

Here is a list of all the negative consequence of adultery:

You bring reproach upon the name of Jesus.

You bring reproach upon the church.

You inflict incalculable pain upon your wife and children.

You lose the respect and trust of your wife, children, and close friends.

You risk losing your relationship with your wife and children forever.

You bring an open shame upon your family, often accompanied by cruel comments to your children.

You bring questioning and severe spiritual damage to those you have personally won to the Lord.

You bring spiritual damage to and lose credibility with everyone you have influence with in the church.

You lose your ministry within the church.

You lose credibility with those you have been witnessing to.

You damage yourself spiritually at a depth that is difficult to repair.

You lose self-respect, discredit your name, and bring life-long shame and embarrassment upon yourself.

You risk incurring the rage of your partnerís husband.

You risk contracting a sexually transmitted disease and passing it on to your wife.

You risk causing a pregnancy to someone you are not married to, possibly resulting in the birth of an unwanted child to an unwed mother.

You risk losing your salvation and being cast into the lake of fire.

You give Satan and his demonic host great delight.

You cause Jesus to be very, very sad.