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What do you say about Cindy Trimm?

Submitted: 9/28/2012
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Question: There is a woman by the name of Dr. Cindy Trimm on youtube. She teaches about the power of prayer and her prayers are very interesting. Some people say she is satanic tho. I know that people often falsely accuse, but I dont want people that I know to be led astray if the accusations are true. Maybe if you could check her out and let me know what you, think??

Answer: We found this quote attributed to Ms. Trimm: 'Whatever you focus on today, you give that thing permission to exist tomorrow. Focus on your dreams, goals and vision. Focus on where you want to be, not where you came from. Focus on what you expect to acquire and what you wish to do, and not on what you do not have or what you have not done. Focus on your healing and not your sickness. Focus on your deliverance and not your detrimental situations. Focus on what remains and not what you have lost. Focus on wearing that size 7 skinny jeans and not on how much weight you have gained' (March 14, 2010).

This sounds to us like the typical 'name it and claim it' style of preaching. If this is in fact Ms. Trimm's message, then we suggest that she should be avoided. Why would any sincere believer be attracted to this kind of rhetoric. Sure, she may occasionally have something worthwhile to say, but certainly we can learn all we need to know about prayer from other more reliable sources.