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Can we eat pork?

Submitted: 9/20/2012
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Question: In the Old Testament, God says we cannot eat pork. People are debating with me that in the New Testament it says we can eat whatever we want. I need to know what is true.

Answer: The dietary law of the Old Testament was for the people of Israel. It was designed to show them that God makes a distinction between things that are clean and things that are unclean. It also represents a very healthy way of eating. But it no longer has any moral bearing under the New Testament. The symbolic purpose of the dietary law began to be revealed when Peter had a vision in Acts 10. God used the removal of the distinction between clean and unclean food to show people that it was now alright to enter the house of a non-Jew (one whom the Jews considered to be unclean). So to answer your question, there are no moral consequences for eatiung pork, though there may be health consequences if you eat too much of it.