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Isn't there domestic violence in the church?

Submitted: 6/29/2012
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Question: As I ask this question, I will clearly say I am a former apostolic church member. I believe there is a domestic violence epidemic in all Christian churches. I believe the apostolic church covers up problems like domestic violence and fails to incorporate trained professionals to help victims of abuse. Why is the apostolic church such an isolated arrogant church?

Answer: You are failing to distinguish between a particular local assembly and the church universal. You have apparently had a terrible experience and feel that the church you were attending not only did not help you but covered it up. We trust that what you are saying is true, though we have no first-hand knowledge of this situation; in fact, we don't even know what church it was. What we do know is that it is a great and dangerous error to extrapolate from your experience that all apostolic churches are like this. Certainly there are corrupt leaders in many churches, but that doesn't mean all leaders are corrupt. It doesn't even mean the majority are corrupt. Is seems to us that we should expect the devil to infiltrate apostolic churches so as to diminish their influence. You are actually helping the adversary by presuming that because you had a very bad experience in one assembly, all of them must be bad. We're sorry you didn't get the support you needed, but we assure you that this would not have been the case everywhere.