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How to heal a broken heart?

Submitted: 4/12/2012
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Question: Last year I started to date a pastor's daughter. Her and I had some very good times together and her family really enjoyed having me in their home, but 3 months ago we decided to end it abruptly. It has been very emotionally painful for me these past 3 months cause I really cared for her so much, and I honestly thought that she was the one who I would marry. Lately I've been feeling anger and bitterness in my heart towards her, which I know is not acceptable because I need to forgive and show mercy towards others, even if they have hurt me. I have prayed about this several times, with tears rolling down my face, but I still haven't found a sense of closure yet. Often times I wake up in the morning crying because I start thinking about her, then a few minutes later, anger and other negative thoughts try to take over. So i'm just wondering if there is any specific advise or scripture that you can offer to help my broken heart heal again? Thank you for your time.

Answer: We are confused. You said, '3 months ago we decided to end it abruptly,' which sounds like a mutual agreement. But what you go on to describe makes it sound as though she broke up with you. Regardless of that, what we can tell you from personal experience is that Jesus came to 'heal the brokenhearted' and that includes you. Go to Him, at the beginning of every day, throughout the day, and at the end of the day. Cast your cares upon Him. Pour out your heart before Him. That is the only real answer.