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Did angels mate with humans?

Submitted: 4/8/2012
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Question: I wanted to follow up on this question. While the Bible does not go into detail, we do have indication that angels had the ability to transform themselves into human form. See for example, the account of angels visiting Abraham. This also happened to Lot, the angel literally took him by the arm to pull him out of the city. Likewise, Jacob wrestled with an angel. Jesus himself transformed into flesh after the resurrection for the benefit of Thomas and his other apostles and there is indication that Satan may have done so as he says in Job that he had been 'walking about' on the earth. Therefore, while they were in fact angels, these angelic rebels had trasformed into human flesh to marry the daughters of men, something perverse in the eyes of God. In Jude, their action is compared to the homosexual acts of Sodom and Ghomorra. Lastly, it appears that when God wiped out humans during the flood, these creatures transformed back into spirit form to return to heaven but they were no longer allowed to return to their prior posts as angelic servants. (See Genesis chapters 18&19, Genesis 34:24-31,Job 1:6&7, John 20:24-29, Jude: 6&7)

Answer: Thank you for your insights. We would, however, take issue with your statement that 'Jesus himself transformed into flesh after the resurrection.' The Bible does not state that Jesus transformed after He rose from the dead. Why would He need to? He rose from the dead. That was the very same Jesus who died and was buried. He rose! He didn't transform. What you are suggesting is similar to a gnostic heresy called 'docetism.'