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Are 'brother' and 'sister' titles?

Submitted: 3/29/2012
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Question: During what period of time did 'brother' and 'sister' become titles? Some even seem to keep their first names guarded like it was secret! Visitors and those who have not yet obeyed the gospel surely feel 'on the outside' by this very much verbalized distinction. If a first name is used, the one using it is branded as disrespectful sometimes. Where can I read about this?

Answer: In Acts 9:17, Paul is called 'Brother Saul.' Throughout the Epistles the believers are refered to as 'brethren.' The church as a whole is depicted as a spiritual family. We therefore believe that brother and sister are the only appropriate titles within the church. They are certainly valid substitutes for the more secular titles mister and missis. Why some people consider the use of a first name to be disresepctful we don't know. Not all apostolic churches feel that way. Please read 'Letter to a Pastor' on Shelf 3 of the Apostolic Free Library on this webiste.