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What about the Illuminati, free mason/mason, fraternities/sororites?

Submitted: 3/14/2012
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Question: Is the Bavarian Illuminati real? I heard the devil wants our worship and that his goal is an improved social order. I heard movie stars and singers of the world already worship him. Is this just like any other heresay? I didn't read it in the bible, however it seems to coincide with what I have heard. Also, what of free mason's vs mason's is there a difference? My friend says her boyfriend is part of the Mason's but it's not the same as Free Mason's. Also my frind her her boyfridn joined a Fraternities and Sororities because of the benefits. IS this ok for the saints as long as you don't do anything sinful? I did notice they seem to favor their sisters and brothers in the fraternities/sororites. I told her I'm glad Jesus Christ is the only club I need to be in but I still wanted to know what you think.

Answer: There are pleny of good books avialable on the Masons and the Illuminati. And since we are not experts on them, we are not going to attempt to deal with them on this website. As for fraternities and sororities, the danger is just what you have noticed. They may not be dangerous on the surface, but those who join often end up being more committed to their fraternity than they are to anything else, including family, friends, and Jesus Christ.