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Thoughts on jewelry.

Submitted: 3/13/2012
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Question: Yes! As simple as this concept is, it is exciting. While I gladly live daily w/o jewelry in obedience to the Lord (for many years now), I had never quite gotten the revelation of it quite like I have it now. What was I thinking all this time? The Lord's people are to be the jewels on this earth to catch the eye of the lost to draw them to HIM!! God's people are a chain of honor around HIS neck. Depending on the quality of diamond & the type of cut, depends on how brilliant it sparkles. When a person wears jewels, others are drawn to look at who is wearing it. I want to be a jewel that draws people to look at the ONE who wears it. Hallelujah!!

Answer: Thank you for sharing your insights. What a wonderful illustration!