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What is God's plan?

Submitted: 3/7/2012
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Question: Given your thought, '...are we currently headed in the right direction, or do we need to make some radical changes to line up with Godís plan for the Church?' What leads you to believe that God's 'plan for the Church' is anything more than to know Him?

Answer: I suppose it depends on what you mean by 'know Him.' If knowing God includes the idea of serving God and living in accord with His ways, then maybe we could agree with you. But to us, to merely say that God's plan is that we know Him does not say enough. Certainly knowing Him is foundational to everything else, but if we stop there, we are falling short of what God desires. We believe a better way of saying it is to say that God's plan is that we glorify Him. This includes knowing Him but suggests a whole lot more.