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Question about Bible translations?

Submitted: 2/22/2012
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Question: Is the NKJV Bible truly the counterfeit Bible that this website claims: www.Jesus-is-Savior.com. I have this very version and have had it since 1989, and have read it extensively. I also have the NASB study Bible. In my search for a more informed understanding of what is really the best Bible, I came across information stating that any Bibles called NEW were indeed New Age and that there texts have been altered. Any suggestions? I need a study Bible that is for someone with a limited education and that is commentary free; they are too complicated for me.

Answer: We have used the New King James Version for years and after much inverstigation consider it to be a reliable translation. All translations have their flaws simply because they are translations, but we have found the NKJV to be very solid.