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Does God send good lawyers?

Submitted: 2/15/2012
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Question: A sister in the Lord has a son who was caught with so many pounds of marijuana and was scheduled to be sentenced this month. She prayed since before the hearing and recently emailed everyone about God sending a good lawyer for her son. My question is does God do that? When murderers, rapist, and other criminals get off the hook (even though they don't or didn't pray someone else did), then it was God who sent a good lawyer? I think it was the crooked system, they have found loop holes for everything. Yes, one could argue and say God touched the heart of someone or even say God got you a good lawyer but really, does God do that? Does God bend the laws of the land to justify/excuse breaking the laws of the land? I am not trying to be negative. Do you see what I am saying?

Answer: One thing we can say for certain, God does not bend the law so that law-breakers can escape their just punishment. As for God sending a good lawyer, who can say? Sometimes the ways of God are past finding out.