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What does James teach about faith?

Submitted: 1/31/2012
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Question: What does James teach in his epistle about faith?

Answer: James uses the word 'faith' sixteen times in his short epistle. He teaches that when faith undergoes testing it produces patience, which means perseverance (1:3). He teaches that faith does not doubt in God's ability to provide (1:6). He teaches that faith treats all people as equals and does not show partiality (2:1). He teaches that poor people seem to have an easier time being rich in faith (2:5). He teaches that faith that is not expressed in the proper works (actions) is dead. This is the kind of faith demons have (2:14-26). And he teaches that when elders prayer over a sick person in faith, God will raise up the sick person (5:15). Hope that answers your question.