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How do I love my enemy?

Submitted: 1/3/2012
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Question: My son is like an enemy to me. I forgive him time and time again and allow him to stay so he is not homeless. I no longer replace the things he has broken (TV, walls, furniture, glass (exept for windows as I am a renter). I find it hard to look at him as my child as he is 20 and all I see is an adult. I end up hating him. He frustrates me sooo much I want to run away from him. He needs help that I cannot give. Am I wrong to keep trying with him?

Answer: You need to keep loving your son and doing all that you can to help him become a responsible person and a devoted believer. But you also need to tell him that he has one week to get out of your house. Maybe he'll be more cooperative if he spends a few nights sleeping on a sidewalk and has a few meals out of trash bins. One of two things will happen: either he will straighten up and find a place to live and start acting like a man, or he will get put in jail. But every day you let him stay in your house is only making him worse.