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Can I remarry?

Submitted: 12/30/2011
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Question: ok my wife left me two years ago. I have been apostolic since 1993. Sadly my wife devorced me a year ago. I have not been with anyone and as far as I know she has not either. I have tried to love her up to even now, but she will not even try to work anything out. She says 'move on, get a life, leave me be,' things like that. And she is very rude to me. So my question is, Am I able to remarry and move on at this point or do I have to stay single until she finds someone else?

Answer: Marriage is a life-time commitment. We have a couple in our assembly that just got back together after being apart for twelve years. If you ask the man, he will tell you it was worth the wait. As for whether or not you can remarry if your wife gets remarried, we refer you to your spiritual leaders at your local assembly.