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How do I stop sinning?

Submitted: 11/26/2011
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Question: How many times can God forgive us for the same forgiveness we ask from Him? I have sinned many times, the same situation, and I did regret a million times every time I've done it. I really ask forgiveness sincerely but I can't control myself and doing it again. What am I going to do, to stop sinning on the same thing.

Answer: Apparently you have not actually repented. Perhaps you have said you are sorry and intended to stop, but if you had truly and deeply repented, you would have stopped by now. Probably you are sorrowing over your sin for the wrong reasons. You need to recognize that your sin is against God and Him alone. You seem to be focused mostly on what your sin is doing to you rather than what it is doing to God. We suggest you go to www.WeAreCCF.org and listen to a message on the Audio Word called 'Is Calvary Enough for You?' by David Huston.