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Should I leave my church?

Submitted: 10/13/2011
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Question: I don't like my pastor. Should I leave my church? We have no Bible study for children. We never do any fellowship. The pastor is demanding and talks too much. The church never has any money for anything. He never gives a report on the tithes and offerings. He depends on the upper church for activities. He says that if we don't evangelize, we are disqualified. He is always late for church. He never listens when someone talks to him. He frequently interrupts and elaborates on what people say. I don't like his ways. We constantly clash. He has hurt my feelings several times. He once said to me that someone else was better than me because he had taken all these courses (at the upper church)and I hadn't. What should I do? My issue is with the main person at church--the pastor. Can't take it anymore.

Answer: Sounds like your church is a rather unpleasant place to be. As to whether or not you leave and find another assembly, this is a matter you need to discuss intensely with the Lord Jesus. He is your Lord, and He has your best interests at heart. Sometimes He leaves us in bad situations to perfect our character.