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The way I worship?

Submitted: 6/20/2011
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Question: I have been curious about the way that I worship and I'm seeking the opinions of some other Apostolic Pentecostals. I am very exuberant in my worship. I don't just sit, stand, or clap. I really move a lot when I worship. I tend to do sign language to express myself to God to get His attention and glorify Him. When I worship, I don't care if people watch me, because I'm just dancing/signing for God and not them. At the camp that I just went to, several people told me that my worship inspired them because I am so passionate and exuberant in my worship. I don't mean to get attention with my worship, but people do notice it. I can't do it in the back, I don't feel right doing it in the back. I got to do it in the front in the altar area. One other thing, I'm not doing all that exuberant worship for myself, I'm doing it to glorify and magnify God. If people try to tell me I'm getting attention with my worship, should I ignore them? Because that is not the case. I'm doing it to magnify God! My question is, what do you think? I'm trying to get opinions.

Answer: We think you should just keep on worshiping Jesus with all your heart and don't worry about what other people think. Keep in mind, however, that all worship environments are not the same. There are times for exuberant worship and there are also times for quiet, meditative worship. Try to avoid falling into a single mode of worship. Be flexable. Learn to be sensitive to the mood of the Spirit. Don't see one way of worshiping as the only correct way.