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Why is emotion involved?

Submitted: 2/8/2011
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Question: If the gift of the Holy Ghost is not a feeling, why then are feelings (emotions) present when you received it (crying, laughing, dancining, joy, comfort)? Why do some faiths respond with 'it's not a feeling.' I think it's because they don't beleive in the Holy Ghost. I left it at that and just gave my own experience.

Answer: I think that it is quite reasonable that a person would have a strong emotional response to the presence of the Creator God coming to dwell within. But it is important that we not confuse the experience with the response to the experience. Emotions are a human response. They are not equal to the gift of the Holy Spirit. We know this because different people respond in different ways. Sometimes people who have never had this experience see only the emotional response. This is why they say, 'Well, it's all just a lot of emotion.' Or, 'Pentecost is just an emotional religion.' Of course, those of us who have had the experience know better.