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Is this an example of judging?

Submitted: 1/28/2011
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Question: I was viewing an interview on You-tube with Joel Olsteen, a preacher of a large church. The interviewer asked him what he thought of homosexuality and Mr. Olsteen said that it was a sin because that is what the Bible says. The interviewer said he was judging. I don't agree. He just spoke what he believed. In any case I viewed on the comments section that he was bashing gays. I posted a comment to say he was just saying what he was taught, believed, etc. I think the interviewer was then judging. How would you have responded?

Answer: It is not judgmental to state what the Bible clearly teaches: that homosexual practices, like all other sexual immorality, is sin. This is simply stating a fact. But it is possible to state a fact with a judgmental attitude. We cannot say whether or not Mr. Osteen was being judgmental because we don't watch him and don't intend to.