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Should I dye my hair?

Submitted: 1/26/2011
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Question: I go to an Apostolic church and about 8 months ago I felt that it was wrong to dye my hair so I stopped. Course now its coming in gray, and my husband doesn't like it because of the color. The front is gray and the back is still brown. I talked to my pastor about what I should do and he said to be submissive to my husband. If he wants me to color it, then I should. Does this go against the Apostolic doctrine and against Holiness? Thank you.

Answer: It is very important that you be submissive toward your pastor and your husband. You should not just disregard what they have to say in matters such as this. The bigger question is: where do you draw the line? What if your husband didn't like you wearing skirts below the knee or wanted you to wear lip stick or wanted to you to watch X-rated movies with him. In these cases, it would probably be easy for you to recognize that there are limits to a husband's authority over his wife. In the case of dying your hair, you seem to not be sure where the lines are. We suggest that you commit this matter to prayer and do what seems right to the Holy Spirit and your own conscience.