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What else can I do to reach people?

Submitted: 12/27/2010
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Question: When witnessing to people, I explain the apostolic salvation process. When I explain about the importance of the Holy Spirit, non-apostolic 'christians' ask: what about non Holy Ghost filled very good people that have done nothing wrong, can they get in? I do my best to explain, but it seems never to work. I tell the scriptures and go over them over and over but to no avail. What else can I try or direction can I go? I want and need to be more and do more.

Answer: Some people are simply not open to truth. Their hearts are hard. Jesus said they are like the wayside ground where the seed can get no root. The people you are witnessing to do not accept even the most basic idea that 'all have sinned.' They believe that some have not and therefore deserve to spend eternity with Jesus. You may want to switch the conversation away from talking about some theoretical person who is very good and has never done anything wrong to the person you are talking to. You could ask, 'Have you ever done anything wrong?' If they say yes, then you can deal with their salvation. If they say no, then you must convince them that this is not true. You can do this by going through the Tem Commandments. For example, you can ask, 'Has there ever been a moment in your life where you put something ahead of God?' Or, 'Did you ever dishonor your parents, even once?' Of course, the Bible says that if a person breaks just one of God's laws, he is guilty of all (James 2:10). If this does not work, then you will need to pray for that person and move on to someone else.