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What is the sea of glass?

Submitted: 11/21/2010
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Question: I read Night of Broken Glass. Do you think that the glass could be ice? I don't know that it will be but, in Matthew 24:20 it reads 'But pray ye that your flight be not in the winter, neither on the sabbath day.' What is the reason for that? I just thought of ice when in Revelation he said he saw a sea of glass. Could it be with a nuclear explosion that some how the sea would freeze like glass? Also, why does it read '..neither on the sabbath day.' I thought that only applied back when - a sabbath day.

Answer: The 'sea of glass' is not a frozen ocean. It is a metaphor for the church in glory, a church which has been tested and purified by fire. The reason Jesus said that we should pray that the flight from Jerusalam not be on the Sabbath is because in Israel today, nearly everything shuts down on the Sabbath (sunset Friday to sunset Saturday). He may have been suggesting that transportation will be difficult on the Sabbath.