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Should a pastor have the right to break up a family?

Submitted: 10/12/2010
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Question: Should a pastor have the right to break up a family for no reason and not give one and even go ss far as to tell my spouse she can't talk to me at church and outside of church? Does he have the right to encroach on our lives like that (we belive it is personal because I can't be his personal handyman anymore and she can't do his grunt work anymore). We both want to be in the will of God. Please help. Thank you. God bless.

Answer: Obviously no pastor has the authority to break up a marriage or tell a man that he can't speak to his wife. Having said this, it sounds to us as though there may be more going on here than meets the eye. We suggest you find a pastor or some other mature spiritual person and ask if he will meet with you and your pastor. These issues need to be talked through and resolved immediately before serious damage is done.