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Why do I feel rejected?

Submitted: 10/1/2010
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Question: Why do I feel rejected?

Answer: We have no way of knowing why you feel rejected. We do not know you, and we do not know anything about your experiences in life. We also do not know if you mean you feel rejected by people or by God. The first thing that comes to mind is that perhaps you have indeed been rejected. Perhaps people have rejected your friendship or perhaps you have turned your back on God and He has rejected you, just as He did King Saul. Or, perhaps you have not been rejected at all, you only feel rejected. Our best guess is that you experienced rejection from one or both of your parents as a child. This could be why you now battle feelings of rejection, regardless of whather or not you have actually been rejected. Our best advice would be that you humble yourself, draw near to Jesus, and seek counsel from a trustworthy person who has spiritual insight and who will be honest with you. Because your feelings may not be accurate, you need someone else to help you determine whether or not your feelings should be trusted. Perhaps your feelings are right, but if this is so, then you ought to be able to point to clear examples of where you have in fact been rejected. Please keep in mind that feelings are not always accurate indicators of reality. They should not be trusted without evaluation.