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How could I witness to an atheist?

Submitted: 6/18/2010
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Question: I was speaking with the school psychologist. She asked if I had a boyfriend because I had a quote by Mya Angelou hanging by my desk that stated 'A womans heart should be so n Christ that a man would have to seek him in order to find her.' Something like that. Anyhow, I stated no I didn't have a boyfriend but that I thought it was interesting because I thought all intellects were atheist. She seemed delighted and said she should frame what I said. She said, 'What did you say, say that again.' So I said, 'I thought all smart people were atheists.' She laughed and said, 'Why, are you?' I said no. I asked her if she believed in God. She said she believes in a higher power, but that she didn't beleive one had to have the fear of God. I didn't continue as I thought I remember someone preching/teaching that first you have to beleive that God is. I thought, I can't go any further with her cause she doesn't beleive in God. I thought she is lost. How would you have responded?

Answer: Believing that God exists is the beginning of faith. When we are witnessing to people, our job is to lead them to faith. We should not expect unbelievers to have faith. When Paul was witnessing to the idol-worshiping people of Athen, he noticed they had an idol with the inscription, 'To the Unknown God.' This became his starting place. He said, 'Therefore, the one whom you worship without knowing, Him I proclaim to you' (Acts 17:23). We might have asked her if her 'higher power' had a name, if she prayed to it, how she knew whether or not it was hearing her. There are many ways to witness to someone with her beliefs. You could even share your testimony. We suggest you pray and let the Lord lead you. But don't write her off just because she doesn't believe in God the way you do.