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Can God forgive my adultery?

Submitted: 5/27/2010
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Question: I read in the Bible that I am an adulteress and living in adultery, because I divorced my husband and remarried (he did not commit adultery). I know that God forgives, but how can he forgive me when I am actively living in adultery according to the Word.

Answer: You committed the act of adultery when you married your current husband. Now that you are married to him, you are no longer committing adultery as long as you are faithful to him. God does not expect you to return to your first husband. But you do need to ask for forgiveness for the act of adultery you committed by marrying your current husband in the first place. This means, you need to be sorry for what you have done and acknowledge that you committed a serious sin against God. As you said, we know that God forgives, but His instruction to the woman caught in the act of adultery after He had forgiven her was, 'Go and sin no more' (John 8:11).