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What happens to children in a home group?

Submitted: 5/16/2010
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Question: How are children involved in home groups? Do they sit in when the older people are sharing and venting their life problems and possible sins and shortcomings? Do you have special home group meetings for those under 13 and do parents take part in this?

Answer: Because there are so many variables (number, ages, discipline), there is no universal answer concerning children in a home group. In most of our groups, the children participate in the meal, singing, prayer, and lesson. They are then taken to another room for a supervised activity or play time during the adult sharing. Sometimes they do not participate in the lesson. We leave it to each group to figure out how to handle the children. The one guiding principle is that we should not think of the children as a problem that must be solved. They are part of the group, and we should think in terms of what would be the best way of ministering to them.