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How do we work with other churches?

Submitted: 4/29/2010
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Question: How do you work with other churches which are not related to your church?

Answer: Working together with other assemblies depends on three factors. First, there must be compatibility on basic doctrine. For example, since we are a Oneness church, we would not be able to work with a church that teaches the trinity. Second, there must be compatibility of the spirit. In other words, we must have some sense that we are of the same heart and mind. We may agree on basic doctrine, yet there may be differnces in approach to ministry and general direction that prohibit us from linking together. Third, there must proximity. In other words, we must be close enough to each other to have regular contact. In today's world, distances can be overcome by electronic communications such as email and long distance calling. Nevertheless, if locations are distant, the closeness and regularity of working together will have limitations. This will also have a lot to do with the nature of the work that can be done together. For example, we could only work together in evangelizing our area with other assemblies that are near by. But we could exchange literature and encouragement with churches that are distant. All of these factors must be considered.