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Learning from someone you don't agree with?

Submitted: 4/14/2010
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Question: Is it ok for a oneness apostolic to study with a school whose beliefs are not the same as theirs? I am doing my doctorate with an online based school. It is Independent Baptist in doctrine, beliefs, and just about everything. I was offered this opportunity at a very menial cost to me. Actually I pay for nothing, not even the text books. The problem is that I'm apostolic and there are many who seem to think that I shouldn't and those who think I should take the opportunity. I'm firmly grounded in the doctrine of the Oneness of God and the baptism in Jesus' name that saves us, and so their doctrinal biases have not harmed me a bit but actually strengthen my claim to the truth of the Scriptures. But I have this question to ask as a means of advice: is anything wrong with me studying and earning my degree with them?

Answer: This issue is not one of right and wrong. We would say it all depends on two things: 1) what is your purpose in studying with this school? and 2) are you likely to be influenced by their false teachings? There is a lot more to doctrine than Oneness and salvation. What is your strategy for recognizing falsity when it is presented to you? Also, why do you feel you need to do this? Why not study on-line with an apostolic school? These are the questions we would ask if you were a member of our assembly.