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Whose disciple am I?

Submitted: 4/13/2010
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Question: I am an elder in the church I attend, and last week received a direct word from the Lord to visit a church I've never heard of before in a neighboring state. I immediately discussed this with my bishop who told me to 'go.' This weekend I was intending to visit this church. I called my bishop to inform him of my intent and to discuss how I'd handled coverage of my duties in my absence. In this conversation, he told me it is the church's policy not to have ministers attend another church's services during our own service times and suggested that I find a way to meet with the pastor of this other church in the neighboring state during a time when we do not have church services. I desire to be obedient to the leadership in the house of God that I worship in; however, I am conflicted as I am wondering whose disciple am I actually? I believe it may be God's desire that I be present at this church's service. I am praying and seeking God but wanted to know what you think. Thank you.

Answer: We believe you ought to sumit to the suggestions of your leader. Why not meet with the pastor of the other church at a convenient time when your church is not meeting? As for whose disciple you are, you need to answer that question for yourself. But just because you are submitted to the leadership of your local assembly does not necessarily make you are a disciple of them and not a disiple of Jesus. It all has to do with your heart.