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Where are the godly men?

Submitted: 10/20/2005
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Question: I have a comment. I have never seen so much debate on what role a woman is or is not allowed to do. But here is a thought. There are so little goldy men in the church today that women make up a more than 85% of the church. So if we aren't allowed to speak, we will not have any kind of service at all. So pray that God will save more men today. Maybe we will not have to discuss this anymore.

Answer: You have made a very good point. There is a great need for men to step into their roles as heads of their homes and leaders in the local assemblies. We will certainly join you in prayer for this to come to pass.

If you read through other questions on this board that concern the role of women in the church, you will see that the Bible does not prohit women from speaking to an assembly in all respects. Women are not to serve as overseers, but that does not mean they can never speak.